June Community Member Spotlight: Phil Chouinard

PhilMeet Phil Chouinard!

We’re kicking off the summer with a celebration of one of our top community members, Phil Chouinard! He’s been working with our Zimbra Community product since 2007! As the Director of Social Communities at Bentley Systems, Incorporated, Phil has a lot of good advice for others seeking the long term social community success he has experienced.

“It has been my observation over the years that you should always strive to make things better, whether that is taking advantage of technology, optimizing processes and workflows, improving the user experience, engaging and interacting with others...This applies to everything you do. If you can do something about it to make it better, do it or at least say something about it.”

Phil published a blog post in his BE Communities community, Why should I bother to say anything? Though it was posted in 2009, it still resonates.

“Accepting change, being a thought leader involving change, and helping coach change management – keeping it simple to avoid over-engineering almost always results in success.”

As a best practice, it is important for your online community to serve a purpose, a goal.

“Something that I have taken up as a general philosophy in today’s day and age, always search for your answer first, then ask questions.”

Though you can usually find Phil busy working in his community, he’s just as active during his downtime.

“…some may not believe this, I do things outside of work.”

Cooking. Music. Microbrews. Hot pepper horticulture. World travel. Plus, he’s played on Bentley’s softball team for 19 years.

If you can pin him down, Phil is a great resource for community management, strategy and administration.

“‘Learn, then teach” is very rewarding when you are involved with both parts.”

Say hi to Phil today!