July Community Member Spotlight: Eric Parsons

This month we’re placing our Community Member Spotlight on Eric Parsons, Senior Technical Product Manager at Microsoft Dynamics. Our community members turn to Eric frequently for his experience and expertise in running an online community. In his role, he manages all aspects of the Microsoft Dynamics Community, including: community management, support, engineering, as well as user experience (UX) management for many of Microsoft Dynamics’ public and private web sites.

“I’ve been called a perfectionist, to which I usually respond with ‘thank you.’  It’s not uncommon for my team to ask, ‘How many more times are we going to change this,’ to which I usually respond with, ‘Until it’s great!’

Having perseverance to continually evolve your community site is a key to success.  Also having an amazing engineering team who can take your ideas and turn them into reality.”

Eric has been working with the Zimbra Community platform for 3 years.  He and his team have been working on a launch of a new Microsoft Dynamics Community site. Building atop 7.6, his team has customized their UX to be responsive - friendly across desktop, tablet, and phone devices.

“…and built an amazing gamification app (i.e., badges and monthly/lifetime leaderboards).  Come back after July 15th to check it out!”
As a highly successful manager and developer of communities, Eric has a lot of great advice to share with others.

“Find community members to help you! We have a really amazing community full of people who are really passionate about our Microsoft Dynamics products, and we’ve had really good success working with them.  Many of them are very active on our site feedback forum, sending us emails with suggestions, and tracking us down at events to talk face-to-face. We’ve also enlisted the most active to become community moderators, who help us fight spam and mark answers as verified. The rest we try to keep engaged with gamification techniques to keep helping other community members.”

Eric’s team is really passionate about gamification and have invested several months of engineering time building an amazing solution for their community.
If you have not met Eric in our community before, jump on the chance now. He is always interested in what others are doing, whether it’s something out-of-the-box or a customization. Just drop him a message.