Did You Know? Launch an email in a separate window

Launch an Email in a Separate Window

Did you know that you can open an email message in a separate browser window? This can make it much easier to interact with multiple mail messages. For example, you can easily copy and paste information from one message to another.

  • When Reading Email: To launch an email that you have received in a separate window, open the Actions menu and select "Launch in a separate window".
  • When Composing Email: To launch an email that you are composing in a separate window, click the icon in the top right corner of the compose tab.

  • Using separate windows is one of my favorite tips. I use it daily.

    Here are more ways to get the desired behavior.

    Double clicking on an email inside the mail list, not inside the reading pane, will also launch it in a separate window. Press "ESC" to close the window when done.

    To quickly compose an email in an external window type "C" and start composing. Typing "ESC" will also close the compose window, be careful with this as doing so will also lose any unsaved work.

    The same double click to open in separate window behavior works for documents inside Briefcase, as does "ESC" to close.