Did You Know? Activity Stream Filter

Activity Stream Filter Tip

Did you know that in Zimbra 8.x and later, there is an Activity Stream filter? The Activity Stream filter delivers email messages that are less important, such as newsletters and social update communications, into the Activity Stream folder instead of your Inbox. This keeps your Inbox less cluttered.

To activate Activity Stream:

1. Click the gear icon in the Folders area of the navigation pane, and select Activity Stream.

2. Select Enable moving messages into Activity Stream.

3. Select the type of messages to move. You can move the following type of messages:

    Messages where your address is not in the To or in the To or Cc field

    Messages from people not in your address book

    Messages sent to a distribution list that you are a member of

    Commercial mass marketing and bulk mail messages

4. Click Save.


The Activity Stream folder is displayed. All email meeting the filter criteria will be delivered into this folder instead of your Inbox.


  • I was actually wondering how to use the Activity Streams. This is great. Thanks, Gayle!

  • Great post.

    A tip for Zimbra Collaboration users with established filters. You will experience better performance from the Activity Steam by moving the filter to the bottom of the filter list inside webmail Preferences / Filters as all filters are applied in sequence.

    Due to this behavior my initial attempts with Activity Stream were pretty painful. It obliterated my mobile mail experience and improperly grabbed a large number of critical emails.

    However, with a little diligence and fine tuning of the filter rules, the Activity Stream becomes a very useful tool for keeping a tidy inbox.

    More posts like this please.

  • Great article, Gayle! I just started using this feature and love it.