• Tue, Aug 19 2014

    Community Maintenance Alert: Wed., Aug. 20, 2014, 8 to 8:30 a.m. CDT

    Hi devs! We’re performing a few maintenance upgrades to our community tomorrow morning. While these are simple housekeeping upgrades that will be transparent to your experience in the community, we will have to go offline for about 30 minutes. ...
    • Wed, Jul 16 2014

    Dawn of the Planet of the Upgrade

    Hello community! Tomorrow is the big day! We are upgrading our community here on telligent.com to Zimbra Community 8.0. No, really. It’s happening. On July 17, between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. CST our community space will be offline for the tr...
    • Wed, Nov 27 2013

    Free Webinar On Zimbra Email Dec. 5

    If you are curious about the new Zimbra Collaboration side of our business, check out our upcoming webinar on Dec. 5. Zimbra's Vice President of Product Jon Dybik will talk about the latest architectural enhancements and features for Zimbra Collaboration - a private cloud solution for emailing, calendaring and file sharing. He'll also demo upcoming email innovations for 2014 and beyond. It's free. Learn...
    • Wed, Oct 30 2013

    Free Webinar October 31: The Future of Zimbra, Collaboration, Open Source, and More

    Tomorrow, join Zimbra's founder and CTO Rob Howard and VP of Products Jon Dybik for "The Evolution of Collaboration: Zimbra Changes the Conversation." This free webinar will cover Zimbra's product roadmap and much more. More details and registration: http://bit.ly/1bCwl3P
    • Mon, Apr 1 2013

    Example of a Custom Application: Polling

    If you attended the Big Social in 2012, you may have attended the sessions outlining how to build a custom polling application. In those sessions, we walked through each step as we added new functionality and integrated more deeply with the Evolution platform to create a fully integrated polling application that enabled: Creation of polls as top-level content. Embedding of polls in any other content (blogs, forums...
    • Wed, Mar 13 2013

    What is FileData? Uploading a file to the Telligent Evolution REST APIs

    Many of the Telligent Evolution platform REST endpoints allow for for including a file attachment with your create or update requests. Examples include adding or updating a blog post, adding or updating a forum thread, adding or updating a media gallery file, and others. When reviewing the documentation for these endpoints you may have noticed a byte array FileData parameter, which is used for uploading the file, and...
    • Wed, Feb 27 2013

    Benefits of using Telligent Studio Widgets over ascx controls

    An interesting conversation sprang up in the Telligent Evolution platform developer support forums this week about the development of older style ascx controls/widgets vs newer style nVelocity widgets. Patrick Mason and Adam Seabridge provided lots of detail and Adam summarized it best with this reply . I will not go into too much detail here (see Adam's reply) but the key points are that ascx style widgets are...
    • Fri, Apr 13 2012

    CAPTCHA for your Telligent Evolution 6.0+ site

    Need CAPTCHA for your Telligent Community 6.0+ site? Adam Seabridge of Building Blocks has you covered: Computer Says No – a CAPTCHA for Telligent Community 6.0 ...read more
    • Mon, Apr 2 2012

    Six steps to getting a blog author’s attention when asking for help

    I get a couple of questions a week through my blog’s comments or content pages similar to this: “I love the Flickr widget, but how can I get it to [… do something custom…]?” I try to answer as many questions ...read more
    • Tue, Dec 20 2011

    Testing Web Services

    Jim Holmes asked me to write an article about testing web services for his great 31 Days of Testing blog series and I gladly did so: 31 Days of Testing – Day 16: Testing Web Services The article ended up being less about testing web services ...read more
    • Mon, Jan 10 2011

    Accessing the Miso API: a sample ASP.NET application

    Miso recently launched the initial phase of their API and make use of OAuth (similar to Twitter’s implementation) to allow user’s to authenticate with Miso and authorize your application to act on their behalf. The documentation is well written ...read more
    • Tue, Nov 16 2010

    Top 10 Reasons to Refactor Your Tests

    10. You do have tests, don’t you? 9. It’s the right thing to do - tests build up technical debt, too 8. Keeping your tests lean, mean, clean and tidy ensures that writing new tests is easy and pain free 7. It’s a nice break ...read more
    • Tue, Nov 16 2010

    How to convert a 10-digit “date” in a JSON response from a web service

    That’s a fairly long title to describe this: 1280296860 I found this value in a field where I was expecting a date in a JSON response from a web service. I’m used to seeing 13 digit timestamps so this date surprised me and looked a little ...read more
    • Tue, Nov 16 2010

    How to convert a 10-digit timestamp in JSON to a Javascript Date

    That’s a fairly long title to describe this: 1280296860 I found this value in a field of a JSON response from a web service where I was expecting a date. I’m used to seeing 13 digit timestamps so this date surprised me and looked a little ...read more
    • Wed, Jul 28 2010

    Add your own custom REST endpoints to the Telligent Evolution platform API

    I recently got asked the following from a fellow Telligenti: “Is there a way to do a simple ‘are UserA and UserB friends’ check via REST? Seems the only way is to get a list of UserA's followers and see if it contains UserB ...read more
    • Thu, Jul 15 2010

    What's the deal with REST?

    My buddy, James C Bender , recently posted a good basic description of REST . If you're starting to get into Telligent's REST web services James' article will serve as a good starting point. Then you can head over to the Telligent Evolution ...read more
    • Thu, Apr 22 2010

    Telligent Evolution SDK and Android

    It’s probably no surprise that most of the Telligenti are iPhone, MacBook and now iPad junkies. But we Telligenti are open-minded for the most part and we’re committed to using and abusing “best of breed” solutions – we now use Solr (on Java) for our ...read more
    • Fri, Apr 9 2010

    Now Available: Customization Guide for the Telligent Evolution Platform 5.5

    The updated version of the Customization Guide for the Telligent Evolution Platform for version 5.5 is now available.  It outlines the changes made to theme and widget support in 5.5 as well as guidelines on how to use new features to implement customizations ...read more
    • Thu, Apr 8 2010

    Competition Much?

    Hmmm… I wonder what’s not easy to read, thin, and under a pound?!?!  Posted to Business Similar Posts Good Quotes from Rework The only tools you need spec software in 2009 Design for Mobile first and Full Screen Second ...read more
    • Wed, Apr 7 2010

    What’s on My Android Phone

    Yesterday I asked Joel Ross if he would write a blog post listing the apps that he liked and used on his Android phone. Android owners in our crowd are few and far between. Most developers that I know are iPhone junkies, the next largest group is probably ...read more
    • Wed, Apr 7 2010

    Links, Subfolders, ISAPI_Rewrite, Routing, and more

    I know that is a horrible title but “How to fix your generated links that contain an extra subfolder name when using ISAPI_Rewrite to host more than one site on your OrcsWeb hosting account” seemed a little long. Now that I’ve stuffed ...read more
    • Thu, Apr 1 2010

    Design for Mobile first and Full Screen Second

    This isn’t a rant about the proliferation of mobile devices and how they are going to do everything except change your cat’s litter box in the future. It’s simply about improving your design chops. I’ve decided that new feature work should start with ...read more
    • Fri, Mar 26 2010

    PayPal app coming to Android

    But alas, there will always be a group of people who think PayPal and Bump Payments are a HORRIBLE idea. And there is a very specific name for that group� MOOCHERS! via phandroid.com Like the author I wonder if you'll be able to bump ...read more
    • Mon, Mar 22 2010

    Good Quotes from Rework

    Over the weekend I finished Rework and figured I’d share some quotes from it as well. This book was excellent and the perfect complimentary read to Linchpin .  There was a lot of overlap and similar concepts.  While Linchpin was more psychology ...read more
    • Fri, Mar 19 2010

    Good Quotes from Linchpin by Seth Godin

    Thanks to the birth of our first son I’ve been granted a lot of reading/feeding time.  You could say that this was baby Gabe’s first book.  I can’t say what he thought about the book, but I can say that I really enjoyed it.  It was the ...read more