API or data structure for getting the LastVisited information for a particular user

I can't seem to find where the "last visited" information is held for each user.  I look in the documentation for User data types, where things like LastLoginDate are held, but don't see anything about last visited.  I know this information is stored somewhere, because if I go to membership administration and look at the data for a particular user, I see both LastLoginDate and LastVisited displayed.  What I'm trying to do is to modify the Group - Membership List widget so that it displays the last visited date for top members instead of LastLoginDate.  The LastLoginDate is no longer valid for our site because it doesn't get updated once we switched to an SSO with our company web page.  We're using Community 6.0.

  • The date displayed for "last visited" on the edit user page in the control panel is the internal User entity's LastActivity property. That data is not currently exposed on the public API's version of the User entity. I added a feature request to add that property to the User in the public API.

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    Its close to two years later, and I still can't find the lastActivity property for a user.  Am I just missing it?  Thanks in advance.