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Trying to display quick post and forum related widgets inside a Facebook page tab / app. Been using iFrame widget which we've used to display Telligent widgets in other external sites just fine.

Within  Facebook It's just blank screen, so wondering if anyone had experience of this and a solution.

Noticed a Telligent Facebook connect beta app which is no longer downloadable, just looking for some clues to this predicament which I'm sure is an easy fix.

Many thanks as always,


  • By default, we prevent embedding in iFrames on external sites to mitigate against clickjacking attacks by setting the X-Frame-Options HTTP Header.  To verify if this is the issue you're facing, try loading the Facebook page in IE.  If this is why the page is blocked, IE will render an error page that the frame has been blocked, rather than other browsers which simply render blank content.  If this is the reason the page fails to render, then you can change this header value via the following entry in communityserver_override.config.

    <Override xpath="/CommunityServer/Core"
        value="" />

    Details about valid X-Frame-Options values can be found at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clickjacking#X-Frame-Options

  • In reply to Alex Crome:

    OK, so I've now got a working widget in place - I've a "hidden" page with a forum thread list and quick post widget. I can post to the forum within Facebook, but if I click on any of the forum thread tabs e.g. "all recent" or "unanswered" or "unread" etc then the iFrame jumps out of Facebook and into a new window.

    I was kind of hoping these tabs would load within the Facebook page not jump out. The widget - "iFrame Embedding" has configurable options e.g. "enable frame embedding" and "redirect to host page" none of which affect the widgets appearing in the Facebook app/tab.

    I'm wondering if there's setting somewhere I'm not aware of to configure to stop this working, or would it be a case of maybe copying widgets I want to use and amending them so their behaviour is customise to fit the scenario rather than trying to use something out-of-the-box?

  • In reply to Paul Deehan:

    The IFRAME embedding widget adds <base target="_parent" /> which causes all links to open in the parent (Facebook)'s window.

    You could save the existing widget as a new widget and remove this line (it's line 106).