Scheduling a Job in Code - Should I use UTC date or Datetime.Now

When using code to schedule a job and passing in the job start time, should I use server time or UTC?

JobsManager.Schedule<Jobs.MyCustomJob>(DateTime.Now, data);
  • Through further testing and investigation, I believe the answer is UTC date - it would be nice if someone from Telligent could verify this.

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    This is another one of those areas I need to call out(I know I seem like a broken record but I promise my intentions are good) as being a non supported internal API.  Invoking jobs is all internal, and jobs themselves really are a gray area.  None of these are going to be upgrade safe and will more than likely need to be redone

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    Thanks Patrick...Understood.

    I have a job that schedules another job into smaller batches - this was written for us by Telligent Professional Services about 2 yrs ago.  We're making some further modifications to the code they supplied us so we do know it may have to be re-written in the future.