Widget Studio "Add New File" button stopped working??

When I click the "Add new File" button, I just get an [Object object] text displayed and no editor.  All the existing files render fine.  Not sure what is going on, it was working fine yesterday.

Some debugging yeilds:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) http://localhost/ControlPanel/Utility/ManageWidgets/worker-javascript.js
Uncaught #<Event> ace.js:6


  • Appears to have been caused by some unnecessary DLLs in my bin - I'm going to try track down the ones I nuked - they did, however, have a System.{} prefix

  • This just happened again - I tracked it down to 's Profiler tool when running 7.6...  I will try disable the plugin when I need to work in the control panel and turn it on when working on the front-end.