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SPROC te_Content_Tags_GetSet - Taking 16s to load

I am running 7.6.8 and using 's profile tool.

We are noticing the sproc below taking quite a while to execute.  Looking for a resolution to this or something that could  have been missed during our 6.1 -> 7.6.8 upgrade.

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  • Update - this seems to run extremely long and then is cached for a bit??  After the cache expires, it takes just as long to load again.

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    What is the full version you are on?

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    Platform version:

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    I upgraded from to and then applied the hotfix script (Updates.sql) from

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    And can you send a SQL Profiler trace showing this behavior?  This sproc had perf improvements done in the August hotfix

  • Before providing a profiler trace, can you run the cs_system_dbreindex sproc and re-test if the load times are acceptable.  The upgrade process can cause heavy fragmentation in certain indexes which can have performance impact.

    If you're still having issues after that, then provide a profiler trace as Patrick suggested.

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    Thanks Alex - giving it a try now.  I did not put in any values for the parameters...hope that's OK.  Any idea how long it will take to run on a 70GB database?

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    Hoping Alex is correct as it appears several sprocs are taking much longer than they should..

    [page] building container of content fragment...	 7.6	 10017.8	+3995.2	
         [widget] Report Abuse (p:3f6151c2e4674f7bac9e...	 6.4	 6.4	+3995.9	
         [widget] Forum - Breadcrumbs (p:2df0efb43f384...	 8.2	 8.2	+4003.8	
         [widget] RSP - Forum Thread (p:362804b4709d40...	 25.8	 9113.7	+4014.6	
          [sproc] cs_Wiki_GetPageAssociation	         2.3	 2.3	+4016.6	
          [sproc] te_Content_Content_Get	                 3001.5	 3001.5	+4025.0	
          [sproc] te_Forum_Threads_GetThreadReplySet	 3843.7	 3843.7	+7031.3	
          [sproc] te_Forum_Threads_GetThreadReplySet	 7.1	 7.1	+10875.5	
          [executed-file] view-questionandanswer.vm of ...	 4.9	 2228.7	+10886.7	
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    The sproc's execution time can vary - if DB maintenance hasn't been performed, then reindexing could take quite some time.  It is also highly dependant on your machine's hardware.

    For the forum related sprocs, if you're still having issues after the rebuild, try adding the following index.

    CREATE INDEX IX_te_Forum_ThreadReplies_ParentReplyId ON te_Forum_ThreadReplies (ParentReplyId)

    This was a missing index we discovered in 7.6 in bug #33348.  This was fixed in 8.0, and whilst it hasn't been backported into our 7.6 hotfix branch, We have provided this index to a number of customers on 7.x with very large forums and had a lot of success.

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    Has you reindex completed ?  Has the execution time for the tag sproc improved?  If not can you provide a profiler trace & actual execution plan for the query for further analysis.

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    re-index completed, but performance didn't really improve.  I will try get the traces soon...Thanks!