Get Ratings by User

Hello all!

I am trying to hit some REST endpoints to enable various Rating features in a .NET Web App, and I'm having an issue with a specific call. I've been able to list and create ratings, but trying to pull ratings for a specific user and hitting this endpoint with a GET request:


is returning an error:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Info />
<Warnings />
<Message>Incorrect syntax near '0'.
Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'AND'.
Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'AND'. See Exception Log for details.</Message>

I have verified that all of the input values are valid. I have also looked into the exception and didn't really get any hints. I can copy the full exception here if needed.

Has anyone else run into an issue like this? Does something look wrong with my call, or could there something wrong with the internal SQL which pulls ratings by user?