Wikis - Table of Contents Widget

Hi Team,

We would like to customize the widget called "Wikis - Table of Contents". We were trying to configure the widget,

Under configuration we are able to see the selection text box i.e. Select wiki to pull content from.

Here we are able to get only one wiki at a time. Will it be possible to select more than one wiki.

Please advice the best possible way to achieve. 

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  • The wiki table of contents only supports one wiki as it uses recursion to iterate through the children in order to build a multi-level nav/tree structure.  Being able to pick two WIKIs and still have the nav make sense would be problematic.

    I think the ideal solution would be to drop two of the TOC widgets on top of each other and configure each for a separate wiki.

    Here is the documentation on that control: 

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    Thanks for the reply.

    We don't want to change the existing functionality. We need new field and should be able to get more than one WiKi.

    Is there any way to achieve this?

    Actually our requirement is, we want to configure multiple wiki names and want to provide one check box for visibility.

    So based on the selection and visibility widget should be visible.One place where we should configure and apply to all Wiki's.

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    I guess I do not really understand what you want to do.  If you select more than one wiki how do you envision the table of contents being rendered?  You may have to alter the widget yourself and create your own custom configuration control in C# to accomplish this.  By looking at each selected wiki and then running the recursion loop to display all of the children under it, then move to the next wiki and so forth...But I believe this would be a customization and not doable out of the box.

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    Thanks for the suggestion. We will customize the widget.