Problem with upperbound parameter when fetching ListNewPostLinks

I am trying to get the list of newpostlinks from the below query but i am getting only first 10 records.

$links = $core_v2_group.ListNewPostLinks($core_v2_group.Current.Id) .

When i traced the query it passes the @UpperBound parameter as 10, so i am getting only 10 records. How can i change this value?? Is there any configuration settings available?? Please help me..

  • There will be a max of 10 of each app type listed per group for a total of 40 possible applications to post to (assuming 4 applications in a group) when querying $core_v2_group.ListNewPostLinks().  

    What version of the platform are you using? In 7.0, the plugins which define these links now expose configurable link counts in the control panel, defaulting to 10 per type.

    This can be configured in the control through:

    Control Panel > Site Administration > Site Configuration > Manage Plugins > Core Functionality Details > [ Wikis | Blogs | Forums | Media Galleries ] New Post Links > Configure

    Hope this helps.

  • In reply to Michael Monteleone:

    Thanks a lot !!! That works perfect !!!