Issues with Chrome Anyone?

Recently had to "re-build" a site using SQL2008R2 instead of SQL2012 due to insufficient specifications provided by Telligent themselves - sadly. Not so much an issue as we're proficient and skilled to undertake such tasks, however, there's a few anomalies showing up - more so when using Chrome. Bar speed issues (and there's a drop in performance from SQL2012 to SQL2008R2), when using Chrome - most of the time any "pop-ups/modals" simply don't load but merely "spin" forever. I've cleared Chrome's notorious caching, checked all site folder security permissions, database permissions etc and all match the original SQL2012 set-up. Has anyone experienced Chrome issues like this - especially within the dashboard - and if so, did you manage to resolve the issue. Fore reference, these "pop-ups" and "modals" etc work fine when tested in the likes of IE and Firefox - please don't say "well just use IE and Firefox", as the client won't necessarily accept this ;-) Cheers, P :-)