Job Scheduler - Error 1067

Hi. I have just installed Telligent Community 7.6 but now i'm trying to install the Job Scheduler, and i can't seem to start the service. Everytime i try, i get "Error 1067: The process terminated unexpectedly.". I have checked my "Exceptions Report" in the Telligent control panel. And the only error i see happened 18 hours ago: "Invalid URI: The URI is empty.". I'm not sure this is why the service is giving me an error, because i didn't try to start the job scheduler yesterday. I only installed it back then, but i tried uninstalling and reinstalling several times today. Still no luck. I've been following the guide very carefully and i have ensured that the network services account have read rights to the filestorage folder. What could i be doing wrong?
  • In reply to kasper-targit:

    If you can enter the Control Panel, go to Administration > Site Administration > Site Configuration > General Site Settings and ensure that "Default Site Url" is set to the URL of the site.  Update it if it is incorrect.

    To get more details about the job scheduler's error, you can run the EXE within an administrator-privileged command prompt -- errors and debug information will be written to the console which may help diagnose the problem.