Forums - Browse Forums widget is not taking the consideration of threads

We use the widget named "Forums - Browse Forums". This widget displays the forums with "Last Post" sort order.
- Forum name
- Posts
- Latest Posts

Out of the box, this widget doesn't take into an account a new thread being created in the "latest posts" date.

In other words, until a new thread gets an answer, it will not be takken into account.

Is there any way to customize the widget to get the forum thread consideration when we are sorting the forums with "Last Posts".

  • So you want to sort by a combination of ThreadCreated and LastReplyDate combined?

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    Exactly.We want to display the forums with ThreadCreatedDate and LastReplyDate combined

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    I don't believe there is a filter out of the box that will support that type of sorting while keeping the integrity of the paging controls etc...

    The only thing I could really think of would be a plugin/module that attaches to OnThreadCreate event that updates the last reply date on the thread when a new one is created - even though there is not an actual reply having the date updated may fix the sorting issue....

    This would be C# code though that would need to be deployed.

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    So there is no possibilty to customize the widget using Widget API.We need to write plugin for that functionality.

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    There may be a workaround to get your forum list (sorted by LastPost) then loop through it again and grab the most recent Thread from each forum - check the dates and re-sort - however I do not know how to do that in Velocity off the top of my head...