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I am starting to analize a new project for this, to me, new platform. I have not tried the platform yet, I am installing all requisites and will deploy the free version soon, but I am in a hurry and so I start doing these questions beforehand.

I was wondering how hard is to have a site with two languages and in each page a link to the other languaje so it changes instantly and without need of being logged.

It is always easy to add an article in two languages and create links, but I doubt that the menus will be so easy.

Please, Do you know of an elegant solution in Zebra or maybe a plugin to do it? I have been googling and have not seen nothing up to the date.

Thanks you in advance.

  • No automatic tranlation, just like, by example, Microsoft site, where you can read an article, click on a link and see all the page and the article  on another language. If the article is not available on the selected language, you see the article in the default language.

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    A solution that I've seen before is to define top-level groups for the supported languages, and define similar groups below those top level language groups for the content of each language. Then a common language widget could be created that adjusts the URL (the component of the URL representing the language) to switch between supported top level group languages.
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    Thanks you!

    Yes, I had been working that way you described but some days ago I had to switch to other task.

    As son as I canI will check one problem I faced while doing the same you described and then close this thread as answered. (I will get on vacations soon, so maybe in the next month!).