Zimbra Community 8.0 introduction

Zimbra Community 8.0 is designed to:

(Want to see the new features right away? Read What's new with Zimbra Community.)

Simple site setup

Zimbra Community 8.0 provides a one-time Starter Kit to step you through initial site setup actions. Based upon your input about the community design, the Starter Kit employs the new Social theme with one of two pre-configured site templates. These templates - Support Community and Enterprise Social Network - apply layout, group, and application presets  to meet the community type's needs. (There is a third template option for applying a self-designed template as well.) To learn more about the new setup, see Starter Kit community setup process.

Enhanced customer service

The Support Community theme is designed with customer service in mind. The new Social theme includes a group and application setup that quickly instates peer-to-peer support forums, and helps members add knowledge-base documentation to wikis. Customer service agents can monitor threads, intervening when necessary either publicly (i.e., within the forum) or in private messages with the customer. This service model effectively serves customers' support needs while deflecting unnecessary calls - so that support agents can focus on critical cases.

This capability starts with the Social theme.

Increased employee productivity

Zimbra Community 8.0 is built around the cornerstone of Responsive design, which sizes appropriately to desktop computers or handheld devices - making  "bring your own device" a viable option.

The new Social theme has simpler pages, reducing the visual clutter that could confront a new user. Actions and options are now more intuitive and contextual, reducing the time an employee spends searching for a needed group, application, or action. Emphasized "New" and "More" buttons add to this usability. 

Search provides dynamic filters to sort content and pulls relevant forum threads as a user types a forum search. Dynamic filters save time by sorting results. The platform includes a new More Content widget that dynamically recommends content based on what the user is viewing.


Zimbra Community 8.0 makes available a mobile application builder that you can tailor to your own community or use out of the box. A user guide for this application is here, while customization documentation is located here.