Video Transcoding Now Available

We are excited to announce the availability of Video Transcoding, a free module for use with Telligent Community 6.x or Telligent Enterprise 3.x. This module converts videos from a large variety of formats into an HTML5-supported format for improved playback in modern browsers. Your audience's user experience is optimized based on the version of browser they are using to participate in your community. If their browser is enabled for HTML5 video viewing, they can watch videos through an optimized HTML5 viewer, but if they are using an older browser version that does not support HTML5, they can still watch the video through a Flash-based viewer. As videos are being transcoded, the video can still be viewed in its original format.

The video transcoding extension is available today for download from the Telligent Marketplace. We have provided a number of resources for you to guide you through installation, configuration, use and troubleshooting depending on the product you are using:

Or you can contact Telligent Support directly with any questions you have.