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Upgrade from 5.6 to 8.0 Issues

I just did an upgrade from 5.6 to 7.x then to 8.0. Things seem to not have went as well as they did on my dev VM. The site is www.BIzTalkGurus.com Here are some of the core issues: - On the home page for example I'm using the same Blog Posts widget on two spots. On the left side the fonts are huge and on the right small. They are configured the same. The look and feel is totally different too. Not sure why they look so different? - Search doesn't seem to work. Job tasks are running and Solr is up. Just nothing when I do a search. - I'm unable to select a specific group or blog. When I do a search in the search bar nothing comes up. This is probably my biggest issue. I can't select things like "current group" or a specific blog. - Top level categories are blank. So like /b /f /m all have nothing on the page. These did have content before. All the groups seem to be a little off. - I keep getting this message pop-ing up: An error occurred. Please try again or contact your administrator. I hope that's just because I'm logged in as an Administrator? I don't see it on other tests. Thats it for now. Thanks. Stephen W. Thomas