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Unable to add Google Analytics code

Hi there, I've added Google Analytics code via the /controlpanel/settings/setup.aspx on the raw footer. However, it does not get displayed in the pages of the site, only in the controlpanel pages. Is this a bug? Site in question is www.studentguru.gr running

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  • Oooo... I hope that isn't a bug. We just added this (after noticing it was absent for a few months) on our 7.6 instances.

  • In reply to Phil Chouinard:

    I've not had any problems on my test site with the Google analytics code.  Have you tried adding the code to the header rather that he footer - there have been some changes to how google add their tracking code, and something jogs a memory that the newer codes must be added to the header, rather than the end of the body as was previous advice.