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Forums: Can you sort the forums like in CS 2008?

HI there, I was wondering if there is a way to sort the forum list like you can in CS 2008 (version 4.0.30619.63).  I didn't see a way but I just thought I would throw it out to the forum.  We would like to have a web page with all the forums (from all the groups) and the ability to sort the forums on that page.


  • What specifically about the CS2008 style do you want to see?  There have been quite a lot of changes since CS2008 so I'm not sure which ones specifically you want to show maintain on Telligent Community 5.

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    I was looking for something similar to the Sort Order in CS 2008 where you can choose the order of the Forum List.  I see the Forum List widget but doesn't look like you can choose sort order.

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    In previous versions, you could choose descending or ascending sort order as the default and it was possible for the member to change whatever the default was. We defaulted to descending, which is similar to the way email works, with the latest post/reply being towards the top of the stack as opposed to being at the bottom. Now it looks like the only option is ascending, which on long threads, having the latest post at the end means unnecessary additional actions.