Mail Gateway Email Attachments Not Posting


I've been trying to troubleshoot an issue that we are having with the Mail Gateway, and would like any pointers. We use the mail gateway for two-way communication – some people never want to have to go to the forums.

If someone posts via the forums UI and includes an image, it gets sent via the email just fine. But, if we create a post via email and include either an attachment or an inline image, then those are getting stripped out somewhere and don't show up anywhere – not in the forum and definitely doesn’t get sent out to members.

I made sure that the file types are acceptable.
I looked in the communityserver.components.multipleuploadfilemanager folder of the website and it isn’t there. I thought it would go there since that seems to be where images that are inserted via the UI go.  
Should that directory also exist in the job scheduler path?
Should all the subdirectories of the website’s filestorage folder be in the job scheduler’s filestorage?

I don’t think our mail server is stripping anything, because I can see embedded images in the SavedMessages copy of the email.

Can anyone point me in the direction of where else to look so that we can email the forums with attachments and have them show up?

Thank you!
  • We are seeing something similar. Attached files (up to 4MB) are carrying through from the email reply to the forum, but inline, "embedded" images are not. If there is a way to make that happen (e.g. configuration setting, etc.), we would love to hear about it, too.

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    Phil and Rob,

    We have seen this problem crop up when we didn't have the path to the filestorage set up in the communityserver.override file.

    It would be something like this:

    Override xpath="/CommunityServer/CentralizedFileStorage/fileStoreGroup[@default='true']"



       value ="E:\evo sites\TelligentCommunity-8.0.2696.36599\Web\filestorage"/>


    Miles Dunn

    Zimbra Employee

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    Thanks for that, Miles, I'm bringing this up with the hosting team to see if there is something that needs to be done.

  • In reply to Phil Chouinard:

    Hi Phil,

    I've verified with the Hosting team that the filestorage url setting in the config is correct and pointing to the right filestorage location. I've tried reviewing other possibilities with my local community install but was unable to reproduce the issue.


    Zac Elsik

  • In reply to Zac Elsik:

    Just to follow-up on this... after further review, it does appear that there is something wonky going on. We got some images to come through, but not all instances -- one example that does not work is inserting a JPG image in a mail reply. Further investigation continues.