Restore/undelete a deleted wiki article?

In a wiki, if you create an article and then change the article's title in a subsequent revision (or actually delete the article in a subsequent revision), it appears that you cannot use that article's title in a future NEW article in that same wiki (at least that is the behavior we have been experiencing). To a certain extent, that makes sense, since all the history for the article is retained. However, that makes it pretty inconvenient if you are not aware that an article had that title previously. So, is there any way to either "purge" all deleted wiki articles (including their history) or restore/undelete these articles so they may be used again? Preferably without doing any lower-level database manipulation. Using Telligent Community 7.6.

  • Hi Phil,

    This name conflict seems to happen when renaming a page that has child pages. There may be some faulty interaction with the cache going on.

    Consider an example list of wiki pages with wiki3 being a child page to wiki2:



    -- wiki3


    If I rename wiki1, wiki3, or wiki4 I am able to create a new page immediately with that same name. If I rename wiki2 to wiki2new, I can't create a new page named wiki2.

    You should be able to fix this issue and create a page with a reused name using one of the three workarounds below:

    1) recycle the site's app pool

    2) (using names from above) edit wiki3 and re-enter wiki2new as the parent page. Even though the parent name shows correctly as wiki2new on the child page, the old title of wiki2 may still be in the cache as wiki3's parent page.

    3) Wait for the cache for this wiki to expire

    I will certainly log a bug about this and the team will take a look.

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    We're on a hosted instance, so I assume that #1 needs to be done on the Zimbra/Telligent side? If so, I guess I should submit a Support Ticket? We did the second thing, but are not seeing any change -- it's still locking us out of "restoring" the page.

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    We are starting to encounter this more frequently... does recycling the app pool require a Support Ticket being submitted? How long should we wait for cache to expire after the first and second points?

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    Hey Phil,

    I've got some more information for you on this issue. Because the possibility exists that any page will be reverted to any previous revision, we can't allow any duplicate page names. This holds true for pages that have been deleted as well, because any page has the possibility of being "undeleted" (see below) and then reverted to any revision. The only exception to this is if the pages have different parent pages, then a duplicate name is allowed.

    In order to un-delete a wiki page, have an administrator follow these steps:

    1. Go to your site's Control Panel
    2. Click "Manage My Wikis"
    3. Cllck on the name of the wiki you wish to manage
    4. Click "Pages"
    5. Find the page you wish to restore and click "undelete"
    6. The page should appear in the wiki's list of pages on your site.
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    At first I thought my earlier testing was a fluke - but it seems you helped me uncover an issue with the platform.

    Duplicate page names *shouldn't* be allowed - but if you are on a wiki page when you click "New" to create another wiki page, Evolution will set that page as the parent page automatically. If you then enter the name of your new wiki page first before you remove the parent page as the parent (as you would likely naturally do), Evolution will not prevent you from creating duplicates. Apologies for the misinformation.

    Although as I mentioned above, creating a page with the same name as a child of another page only limits other children of the same page to not have the same name.

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    Thanks, man... that worked (don't know why I didn't think of that... learn something new every day :). Should I log a Support Ticket and reference this thread to be notified when the issue is resolved?

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    Glad it worked! Yes, I'd recommend logging a Support Ticket.