Promote forum thread to wiki article

I think I know what the answer to this is, but am looking to confirm (since I cannot locate any specific reference to this ability any more in the documentation... unless I am missing something obvious, which I won't discount... :) In 5.5, there was an ability to "promote" a forum thread to a wiki article. I do not see the same link in the forum OPTIONS in 7.6. Does that exist any more?

  • Yes it is still there though it may not be visible by default.  When viewing a thread edit the page and configure the Forum-Links widget make sure the option is enabled

  • In reply to Patrick Mason:

    Ah ha... that was it. Learn something new every day.

    BTW, I also found out that you can get to that through the email message sent to the original poster when an answer is verified (although that is less useful from a community perspective. But, Forum-Links widget options enabled and now we're cooking with gas.