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ProcessMaker zimlet Error : Login to ProcessMaker failed!

Hi Community,

I am new in Zimbra and we need to try the ProcessMaker zimlet in our ZCS infrastructure. After uploading the ProcessMaker zimlet we encounter an error:

Login to ProcessMaker failed!

-Connection Error-

Check your internet connection and Review your preferences.

I have read some links and resolution like this link:


But I don't know where I can find the

" no restrictions connecting to external servers (by default it always restrict)"

in the default COS or the ExternalDefaultCOS

Please let me know the exact part of the application where I can enable it.

Any help would be appreciated.

Richard Catibog

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  • Hi Richard,

    It seems your question relates to the Zimbra Collaboration product rather than Zimbra Community (which was formerly Telligent Evolution). There is currently still a separate forum for Zimbra Collaboration and I would recommend posting your question there:


    Best of luck,

    Steven Heffner