Content Editor not appearing for Key User when creating a discussion post

A key user is not able to see the Content Editor for discussion posts in both IE 11 and Firefox.  Additionally, when he tries to use the HTML function and put in paragraph breaks, any changes he makes don't save/take effect.

Is there a browser setting or option in IE 11 or FireFox that I should set to allow my user to utilize  the rich text editor when creating a discussion post.?

My investigation thus far:

2) I double checked that the Content Editor for your profile is set to Enhanced, and it is set correctly  

2)  Logging in as the user in both IE 11 and Firefox on my laptop I am able to see the Rich Text Edit functionality for a discussion post.

Is there a  setting I can instruct  my user to check/change?

I found this a very helpful page as well re: settings in IE to allow content editors but I am not clear as to the specific change he should make.

Many thanks

Heidi Lobecker

IT Project Manager, TM Forum

  • The user's local cache may have become corrupt.  Have them try the editor in a In Private browsing window and see if the issue persists.  If it doesn't, then they'll need to clear their cache.

    If that's not it, it may well be that Javascript has been disabled, either by the user or by security software on the user's machine.