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Wiki TOC Workarounds

We have several wikis that need to be displayed in an order other than alphabetical. Numbering is one approach, but it becomes cumbersome very quickly. I know that Zimbra's TOC widget for wikis does not allow for anything but alphabetical order, but I was wondering if anyone in these forums has found an effective workaround other than laboriously numbering TOCs and/or separating everything into multiple parent pages?

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  • 1)      Apply custom attribute (sort order value) to wiki page

    2)      Alter TOC widget to render "data-sort-order" (or whatever you prefer to use as a name) html element attribute for wiki links (have them display:none initially)

    3)      Sort these links and make the widget visible with jQuery

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    Thanks for this, Rouslan! Would it be possible for our developer to chat with you via email for a few intermediary steps on how to accomplish this? My email is pcleary@epsilon.com