Auto-versioning in javascript files?

Would anyone be able to provide some advice how to do that JS files automatically have a version number inserted in the URL like "../ui.js?ver=wadBfcu4zgg"

  • I've logged this internally as bug #38562.

    In the meantime, you could either manually include a versioning string in the URL and modify/increment it when the widget is modified (assuming the javascript file is served by a widget) OR include a standard version string based on the current date with precision matching the refresh interval you'd like to use to retrieve the updated file (note that this will cause unnecessary refreshes because it'd be based on a time value not related to the actual file).

  • In reply to Ben Tiedt:

    Thank you for your reply, Ben.

    I use a custom method instead of "core_v2_widget.GetFileUrl". My method set the modification date of the file to the URL as a parameter.