Search for 'my posts'

on 2008.5 when you viewed 'my posts' it used the search, with the syntax 'user:<user number>'. You could then add search terms to that string, and search your posts.

On 7.6, when you view 'my posts' it uses a <username>/my-threads.aspx URL and does not give you the ability to search within the results.

I have tested, and the user:<usernumber> syntax still works in the search engine, but there is no way for users to discover their user number.  Is there a syntax available in search for searching by posting user? I know there is the faceted search within a set of results, but it returns very different results than the 'user:<usernumber>' syntax.

Also, is there documentation of all the search syntax, and any differences between what shows up in in the inline results vs the search page?


  • Hi cnsanford,

    I have a couple options for you.

    1) besides the user:<id> syntax, there is also username:<username> syntax, which returns the same results and would be much easier for end users to find.

    2) A list of facets and fields can be found here:

    3) You could also use the widget/content page framework to create a custom search box that automatically added the facets you wanted.