Private Messages

Is there a way to turn on the Private Messages for all users by default?  Specifically the settings for "ALL USERS" and to make new users have that setting?

Per the documentation below:

The Email Options tab of your user Settings page two settings for private messages:

Enable private message notifications - This is enabled by default. It allows you to receive notifications of private messages sent to you.

Allow private messages from - Lets you choose whom you want to receive messages from. Options include:

None (that is, no one can send you private messages)

Friends only (only users who are your friends can send you private messages)

All users (any user can send you a private message)

  • It depends on what version of Telligent Community you are using as to how you approach this but previously we have done this by writing a csmodule that hooks into the createuser() event and sets this setting for users when they register. For existing users you can write another module to do this or use the Rest API to update this setting for each user in turn. In TC7.5+ I think you can create plugins to do this instead of csmodules.