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Chat with members who are not "Friends"?

We recently had Chat installed on our production hosted site and have been having a go at it before "opening" it up to our entire site. One thing that is unclear to us (even after reading the documentation for it on https://telligent.com/support/telligent_evolution_platform/community/w/community7/35467.chat.aspx) is whether you have to be friends with another member to chat with them? The documentation infers you do, but we noticed inconsistencies... in some instances, friends were able to chat with others, in other instances not. And when Searching for a member name, a list of members showed that were NOT friends. What's the deal with that?

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  • Phil,

    Our chat experts can handle your question in more depth - but from the documentation end, I just wanted to apologize for the confusion and agree with you that the doc is, in fact, unclear about that point. I will emend it today.

    The very short version answer is that you can chat with any community member - friend or not. Your friends are shown in a stacked list with their presence indicators on or off (green or grey) above the search field. You can use the search field (as you saw) to find any member of the community and initiate a chat conversation with them.

  • In reply to Jenny Jarrard:

    Hmmm... okay, thanks for the additional information -- that does help. We will do some more discovery on this with that understanding.