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Indentation in forum replies?

Can I setup my forum with indentation?  

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  • Could you be more specific?  The TinyMCE editor has a button for users to indent text, or did you want the replies to be indented from the original question when rendered to the browser?

  • The second.  Moreover, if the replies of replies could also be indented, that would be ideal.

  • In reply to Chris Zeigler:

    Chris what version are you trying to achieve this in?

  • In reply to Chris Zeigler:

    I haven't checked in this latest version but there were a couple of issues regarding presenting forum replies in a tree structure in previous versions.  The first issue is that of the nested VM files and how nVelocity handles variables, this can be worked around to produce the desired results using ajax.  However in Telligent version 6 even with this working the reply depth field was not honoured in the query, so there was an additional module workaround that had to be created to fix this problem, not sure if this issue has been addressed.

    As an aside do you feel that this is a good idea if you want a mobile/responsive site?

  • In reply to Robert Nash:

    Wow, this looks much more complicated than I thought it was.  I'm still playing with the new system, and I thought it would improve readability.

    As to your aside, I'd like to see how it looks before I make a decision.

  • In reply to Chris Zeigler:

    All things are relative, it sounds complex but it's straight forwards for people that work with the platform daily and you soon understand with training and experience.

    I would suggest mocking up the tree view in HTML and seeing how it shrinks down, I really don't think it will work.