Supported file upload types and sizes

Does somewhere know where I can find a list of approved file types and sizes that can be uploaded to the file gallery?

  • I believe this is in communityserver.config and could be overridden via an entry in communityserver_override.config if you needed

        <AttachmentSettings extensions="123,aac,ai,aiff,art,asf,asx,avi,bmp,csd,db,db,dmg,doc,docx,drw,eml,flac,flv,gif,gz,ics,jpeg,jpg,log,m4a,m4p,m4v,mdb,mdbx,mid,midi,mmv,mov,mp3,mp4,mpg,mpeg,mpp,msg,ogg,ogv,pdf,png,pps,ppt,pptx,ps,psd,qt,ram,rar,rm,rtf,sit,sitx,sql,swf,tif,tiff,txt,vcf,vcs,wav,webm,wma,wmv,wpd,wps,xls,xlsx,xml,zip" />
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    Thanks for the reply Luke.  Do you know if there are max size limits?

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    I'm not 100% certain, but I believe this node in your web.config controls that:

    <httpRuntime maxRequestLength="20480" maxUrlLength="2048" requestValidationMode="2.0" />