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in Telligent Analytics 3.6 Users -> Find a user -> Power users 

In the range you selected there are power users (only of the Influencer Percentile - i think is not completely fair). In one period we had 15 top influencers all member of one group. 

When going to the Dashboard and select that particular group. the Social Fingerprint is showing "0" on the influencers. When i set it to default "All Groups" It also has no influencers.

2 questions:

How is this possible?


If the Power Users are based on Influencers why is it irrelevant in groups (always set to zero for every group)?

Of course this could be a configuration bug (Not seeing any System Exceptions that could lead to that though)


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  • The Influencer score is calculated across sitewide behavior. Therefore, it cannot be refined to determining the influencer in a particular group; thus that number being zero when scoped to a group.

    I am unable to reproduce the issue you mention about where you go to the Dashboard > scope to a group > see zero influencers > scope to all groups > and still see zero influencers. When I am on the Dashboard and scope to a group, I see zero influencers (this is by design), when I scope to all groups, I do see more than zero influencers.

    Power users are not based solely on influencers. There is a power users report which displays the top users in each of the user type categories. Only "influencer" is based on the influencer score, the other user types do not take it into account.

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    Jana you were right on the influencers of "All groups" there is indeed a difference but it's still "1" and if i change the scope to "Current year" influencers in the social fingerprint show "2" as value. So it does change i'm just don't understand how the value is calculated.

    Below is a list of the first 10 power users with the scope "Previous Year" on the 5th place is someone that is ONLY and influencer. While the one on 6th place has a 100% influencer and 97% connector. Can you explain that?

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    As mentioned previously, the influencer calculations is independent of the other user types (connecter, answerer, etc). The other user types do not "influencer" the influencer calculation. The influencer is a user who is strategically located and connected in his/her network*. Linked to by others, who are, themselves, very highly connected. In technical terms, this is a measure of a user's "eigenvector centrality," which measures how much the people you are connected to are connected to others. So you can be a high influencer, without being an answerer, etc. I hope this helps.

    Here is more information about each user type:

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    Ok that makes sense.

    Thank you for your help!