Background Job "ForumEmailJob" failed to send email after 10 tries.

Mail is not sent from our site and  while verification got the error message in the event Log.   Any idea what is the root cause for the issue. We are facing this issue after the migration from to

Do I need to make any other settings change?

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  • Error message in the event log is

    Background Job "ForumEmailJob" failed to send email after 10 tries.

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    Hi Muthukumar,

    This error tends to happens when you have a user in the cs_users table who's not in the aspnet_users / aspnet_membership tables.   Query aspnet_Applications and check the application names.  Cross reference that with aspnet_users and make sure they match. Also, check the web.config in the "Membership node".

    select * from cs_Users where MembershipID not in (select UserId from aspnet_Membership)
    select * from aspnet_Membership where UserId not in (select MembershipID from cs_Users)

    It's also possible the issue is simply a mismatch between usernames between the cs_Users table and aspnet_Users. If you still need assistance, you can open a support ticket and I can send you a SQL query to help identify orphaned users, as well as one to fix them.


    Zac Elsik