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Control panel blog view counter accurate?

Hello Everyone,
I wanted to see if anyone else is seeing large differences in their analytics data compared to what  you are seeing in the blog dashboards view counter? We are running Webtrends to track the analytics on our site and when comparing the numbers for just a single blog post they are off by a few hundred views in a single month. The telligent  view counter is about 6 times higher then what Webtrends is reporting for views.

I am curious to see if other users are seeing the same results between analytics tools.  


  • Telligent,

    Can you provide any insight around why these numbers are so far off from each other?

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    Hi Nick,

    Where are you obtaining your analytics from? Is it through Telligent Analytics or Telligent Community Control Panel, or some other method?

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    Sorry for the delay in response here. I am getting the analytics from our community control panel. I am comparing the numbers against our Webtrends Analytics.

    Looking forward to hearing any feedback around this.

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    Hi Nick,

    Unfortunately I'm unable to help you out here, as I deal mostly with Telligent Analytics. I've got someone on the team looking into it for you though. Hopefully you'll get a response from one of them in the near future.

  • The Telligent Community reports track blog views server side - every time a blog post is rendered, increment the page count.  I would suspect the difference in numbers is due to bots

    * If webtrends uses Javascript for page views, then bots don't tend to execute javascript, and so won't be counted in webtrends, but will in Tellignet Community.

    * If webtrends does server side logigng, it may be doing clever stuff to ignore page views for bots etc.

    Also if you have a custom theme, it is possible that your theme is configured in such a way that it records more page views than it should.  A view is logged whenever a <CSBlog:WeblogPostData /> control is rendered with the IncrementViewCount="True".  There should only be one such version of this control in your entire blog theme, and that should rendered on the individual post page.

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    Is there a way to configure the Telligent control panel to not count bots and crawlers?  I feel that surfacing these numbers to our blog authors in the control panel is giving false hope. Especially when the actual number of people viewing their content is10 times lower then the number they are seeing.

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    Hi, i know this thread is old, but I seem to be having the same issues with my dashboard and/or analytics data. Take the analytics for example, the number of views is very high for a post ie 1551 and when I drill down in to the post itself it only shows 72 views. How do we remove bots/crawlers from those numbers. I'm using Telligent 7.1.9 and analytics 3.7

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    Hi Marisa,

    Did you get any response on this issue?