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Leaving a Private Group Should Unsubscribe User from Group Content

I have a case where a user in a Private Group has left the Group and is no longer a member. Yet the user is still subscribed to content (Forums and Blogs) in the private group and still receives email notifications containing the private information. This seems like a bug to me. Has this been reported?

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  • I found a couple of bugs that seemed to be related. It looks like both have them have been fixed in the past, I can find the necessary hotfixes. What version are you using.

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    Were you thinking about the June Patch?

    15755 - When adding or removing members to or from a group/role, the subscribe or unsubscribe for all forums in the group is automatically carried out as long as there are 100 or fewer users for a group/role. When group/role membership is updated via a Job Scheduler task (for example, the LDAP sync job), all users are subscribed/unsubscribed and the 100-member limit is not enforced.

    That may be part of it, but this room has way over 100 members. I had run across the "feature" in the previous version where adding a member to a group with more than 100 members did not subscribe the user to forums in the group. This is way more serious due to security concerns.