Discussion threads and api.ashx/v2/forums/threads/unanswered.json

I am using api.ashx/v2/forums/threads/unanswered.json to get unanswered threads/post. It works well for me, except for one issue. If a user posts a brand new  thread and it is marked as Discussion, that newly posted thread will show up with the api unanswered json call. This is great, I want it to. However, if anyone replies to that thread it will no longer show in the unanswered api call.

Now, I realize that a thread that is marked as Discussion isn't marked as answered/unanswered...but since the first post of a Discussion thread will show up on on the api call unanswered, why won't the replies to Discussion marked threads? How can I make the replies show up in that api call?

  • It sounds like you're using Evolution 6, is this correct? If you're looking to retrieve forum replies, they have their own endpoints, described here: telligent.com/.../list-forum-replies.aspx. There isn't an answered/unanswered status for replies however.

    This is expected platform behavior to have a Discussion type thread marked as answered after 1 reply. It sounds like you may need to make a separate call to get all "recent" forum threads that are Discussion type, instead of relying on the unanswered endpoint.