API to change thread from Answered to Unanswered

In some circumstances, I will need to make a parent thread that is already marked 'answered' to unanswered. Is there a api that can 'Reject Answer' or a another api to do this?

  • Bump....this is important, please. If I can get a response. I see that there is a api call to modify a replied thread to unanswered...if I am reading this correctly. But the logic with telligent is all replies must be reject answer for the thread to be marked unanswered. Is there a single api call to mark a thread unanswered? Or is there a single api call that mark reject answers of all replies to make the thread unanswered?

  • In reply to geekrock:

    An answered thread is one which has one ore more answer replies.  Thus to mark a thread as unanswered, you'll need to mark any suggested or verified answers to the thread as unanswered.

    You can get a list of all answer & suggested answer replies via the API, then update each one to reject the answer.