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Custom application installation.

Greetings, i am developing an application for the platform Telligent 7 and for the installation i need to accomplish the update of the page that contains the user favorites list (or any other) or replace the contents, this is called "user-favoritelist" and I need to access it.

 I tried this:

 using UIApi = Telligent.Evolution.Extensibility.UI.Version1;


 UIApi.ThemePages.Exists(theme, -1, "user-favoritelist", false); //Return false

UIApi.ThemePages.DefaultExists(theme, "user-favoritelist", false); //Return false

UIApi.ThemePages.FactoryDefaultExists(theme, "user-favoritelist", false); //Return false


 And this:


UIApi.ThemePageContentFragments.List(theme, -1, "user-favoritelist", false).Length //Return 0

UIApi.ThemePageContentFragments.ListDefault(theme, "user-favoritelist", false).Length //Return 0

UIApi.ThemePageContentFragments.ListFactoryDefault(theme, "user-favoritelist", false).Length //Return 0


 The page exists and i need to access it, i need some help to do it.