Recovering Deleted Items and Groups

This is with respect to Community 3.1.

Yesterday a group was deleted incorrectly. I was looking for information to see if there was a way to recover that group and did not find anything. This brings up a couple of questions.

1) Specific to this case, is there a way to recover a group that has been deleted or is it gone forever (short of site backups of course).

2) More generally, is there some documentation that I have missed that covers what resources can be easily restored from the the admin UI and which are completely gone when deleted?



  • Hi Bill,

    The application is not a CMS and as such there is no versioning of most items including groups, the exception being forum posts (which are moved to the deleted forums) and wiki pages.  In terms of recovering there is an ability to reset the theme to factory or configured defaults and also widgets, but again there is no version history on these things.



  • Anonymous

    Accidents happen. When that sudden realization hits days later that you need an email message that's long gone, the Recover Deleted Items command might save your day. Microsoft Outlook, when configured with a Office 365 account (Microsoft Exchange connectivity), and Office Web App enables you to recover some deleted items, even after the Deleted Items folder is emptied.