Unable to change back from a shared address to book to my own

I hope I'm in the right place. I'm running Zimbra 8, a small deployment for my family. My wife and I each have a mailbox with another that we share for a common calendar, address book briefcase, all in the same domain and COS. I'm not sure exactly when this problem started but I think it was not a result of the upgrade from 7.x to 8.x.

If I get a new email from somebody I edit the contact and then save it in the shared address book by clicking on the address book, selecting the desired address book from the popup and then saving.

After I have saved the contact I noticed that it did not save the extra details (phone/address) in the contact. I am able to update the contact at that point. However if I try to click on the address book name where it is stored in order to move it to my own address book, I get the red circle with the line through it so there is no popup to select the new address book.

I logged in as the shared user and made sure that I had shared this address book with my personal account asn an admin. No luck.

Is there any reason I cannot move a contact between address books that are shared? I'm stumped.