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After Looking Past Its Flaws League of Legends

After Looking Past Its Flaws League of Legends mobile management is a popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) where players participate in team based skirmishes. Gamers get to choose playable characters, called champions, to fight off an opposing team. The main objective of this game is to destroy the enemy team's nexus, a construction located deep within the fog of war of the enemy base. Although the objective is simple, it is a bit hard to accomplish. A player must eliminate champions and destroy turrets that protect an enemy's base. In addition, they must destroy another enemy structure, called the inhibitor, to create super minions, supporting the allied team and rendering the nexus vulnerable. At first this game was not very appealing. It is certainly was not beginner friendly and requires a lot of practice to get used to and master. However, the game becomes rewarding as a player learns to play champions that he or she likes. Over the time that I have played this game, it has significantly appealed better than most other online games available. For fans of competitive gaming, League of Legends is definitely worth a shot. There are many reasons why this game is highly addicting: 1) Character variety. To start off, no beginner receives a free champion. However, every week (on Mondays) ten champions are released, free to try, until another champion rotation occurs. Since every champion is eventually previewed, new players will be able to sample some of over one hundred champions available. Eventually, when a player plays enough games and receives Influence Points (IP), champions can be bought in the store and kept permanently. 2) Gameplay. The gameplay is straightforward: kill enemy champions, destroy turrets, inhibitors and the nexus; however, gameplay requires gamers to be strategic in their plays. As a team oriented game, players must be able to cooperate with others to net kills or assists to aid in racking up gold. This gold is then used to buy items in the champion shop that strengthens a champion. The best part of the gameplay is the fact that each champion has a unique skill set that players must become familiar with. 3) Side objectives. Every map in this game has side objectives that benefit a team greatly. On the map Summoner's Rift, there are two main side objectives: dragon and baron nashor. Each give a massive amount of global gold that is, all allied players receive a gold bonus for killing either epic monster. In addition, baron also gives temporary buffs such as health regeneration and attack damage that can turn the tides of the team skirmish. There are two even smaller objectives: blue golem and red lizard, each being on both sides of the map, which also gives small buffs. Control of these objectives is essential, because each buff is essential to gaining an advantage on an enemy team. These rewards give players the incentive to strategize on their actions in order to beat the enemy team. 4) Graphics and audio. The effects in this game are unique for every champion. Although some are outdated, most of the skill effects are nice to see, especially if you enjoy the character you are playing. New champions come out with flashier skills; however, old champions are slowly, but surely, being revamped in their character models and skill animations, balancing the "flashiness." Sound, too, matches well with the skill effects. From the hacks and slashes of swords, to the electrifying spells of mages, the audio plays well (especially with quality headphones). The overall graphics are also being balanced out quality wise as some of the champion avatars, too, are being revamped. Although League of Legends is, overall, a fun MOBA to play, it still has its flaws: 5) Team oriented. Good teams are mandatory for a fun experience. Although players can make their own teams, if a player wants to do a "solo queue" then the player is matched with random people around the globe. This anonymity can be a curse to the player that wants to play a casual game of League of Legends as some players may leave the game or even flame another for small mistakes. In addition, not everyone on League of Legends speaks English, so, communication barriers may arise. It depends on luck whether or not a player will be matched with adequate teammates. Still, League of Legends offers a reporting system for those that intentionally flame or leave the game in case it is necessary. 6) Skill. League of Legends requires skill that players build up over time. There are so many champions to choose from that it takes a while to master on champion. Each one has its own role in the game, or, players can go make their own roles if they want. Sometimes a new player may encounter League of Legends veterans called "smurfs." These smurfs are individuals that create new accounts after having much experience in playing the game and play against newbies. This "smurfing" may ruin the game for some people. Still, smurfs are uncommon and should not stir a player away from playing more games. As a whole League of Legends is a good game after looking past its flaws. It has an addicting feel to it as each match is somewhat of a gamble. Matchups depend on the team compositions and player teamwork. Each loss can spur a player to try to keep playing to eventually win because there are no ties in League of Legends. Once again, for fans of MOBA type games, or even online games in general, I highly recommend trying League of Legends. Published by Dino Garcia II Dino Garcia II is a military child from San Diego, CA. 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