API for new posts and also new threads from last # of minutes

Looking at telligent.com/.../34978.list-forum-thread-rest-endpoint.aspx, I could not find the answer. Could you please tell me:

Are there API's for:

1) Listing new posts(posts with in threads)?

2) Api for listing new threads from the last <number> of minutes?

  • In order for this to work, you may need to store your last query date locally somewhere (db, flat file, etc).  then you can request your threads and sort by:

    • LastPost -or-
    • FirstPost

    You would then iterate through the threads and check the proper date (Date or LatestPostDate) compare it to the date you last executed your call and then determine which posts are new.

    I don't believe out of the box the API will support exactly what you want, however you can accomplish it with a bit of custom code and date comparisons.