• Search conversations

    Hello, Is it in some way possible to search in my private conversations with other members? Thx, Frank
  • RE: Loosing hair over: Zimbra Community 8 not indexing site content in Solr 4.5.1

    We had a similar issue, where the Solr job would not run after a server reboot. We found the following steps seem to resolve the issue. 1. Stop the "Zimbra Job Service" (aka Telligent Job Service) 2. UPDATE dbo.js_Jobs SET State=0, ProcessId...
  • How to get endpoint for users by first name via Rest API as json

    I can see this has been partly answered here http://community.zimbra.com/support/f/533/t/1068660 3 years ago. any update? Thanks
  • Customizing search to add Sitecore results

    We want a Zimbra search to query both Zimbra and Sitecore. We've got this working in Solr, but the missing piece of the puzzle is how to update the Social search results UI to show a new facet called "SageCentral" next to Content | Groups...
  • Custom Table in search

    how can I include my custom table to search index and pull the results ?
  • How do I setup search for an upgrade?

  • Make activity feed messages searchable

    Anyone know how to extend the solr module so that activity feed messages searchable? Thanks, AL
  • blog not getting indexed

  • Is it possible to have multiple search icons depending on the group returned?

    Hello, Ive seen that it is possible to customise the icons which are shown for blogs, files, forums via the following files when rendering the search results; Blogs -> themes/default/images/blogs.png Forums -> themes/default/images/forums...
  • After Upgrade to 5.6 - IFilters not working in search

    After following the upgrade instructions from TC 5.5 to 5.6, I now noticed search indexing errors for .pdf and .doc files in the event log of the site. Prior to upgrading, the IFilters and search worked great. I uninstalled and reinstalled Adobe...
  • Search bar image in IE9 will not display. Anyone know how to fix?

    We used CSS to position our search bar at the center of the site header. It works & displays fine in all browsers except IE9. The functionality works but you cannot see the image of the search bar on the page. Does anyone know how to resolve this...
  • Re: Different search results when manually searching profile fields & clicking on searchable link in profile???

    No, The first search displays only one user. The second search displays 12 users. All are Certified Personal Trainer students. I figured out what the issue is. All students must choose their program of study when registering. When the certified...
  • Is Search working on this site?

  • Hide users from site-wide Solr search

    Is there a way to hide users from appearing in the site-wide Solr searches? Some of our users cannot be found by anonymous or even Registered Users for security reasons. Ideally, an admin could prevent users from being indexed using role-based and...
  • RSS Syndication for blogs (tags) and search...

    Both the site and blog settings supposedly allow you to enable RSS syndication of keywords/tags and search results. I have enabled this everywhere (site level, blog level,etc.) and cannot get an RSS link/icon to appear after filtering blog posts on tag...
  • RE: Require Authentication for Profile Viewing & Everyone Role - Site- read Profiles Permission Conflict

    Hello, If I disable the Read Profiles permission from the Everyone role. Users get no results when searching for other users in their program of study. Here are some screen shots of my search results with Read Profiles permission Enabled: (I am logged...
  • How can I search partial words?

  • Problem setting up multiple instances of solr

  • Search on 'Forums - Browse Forums' Widget is not working

    Hi All, Search on 'Forums - Browse Forums' widget is not working. any help would be highly appreciated. regards, JM
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