• Do you have Zimbra Api for ASP.net forum, IIS.net forum and Dynamics forum?

  • Confusion: Telligent Enterprise 4.6- will there be an Enterprise 4.7 or 5?

    I am trying to pick my way through the current portfolio. I see there is Zimbra Collaboration and Zimbra (Formerly Telligent) Social. What happened to Enterprise 4.6 and its roadmap? Is Enterprise being end-of-lifed in favour of Zimbra Social? I haven't...
  • How to customize headers in Telligent Fiji theme?

    We are using a Fiji theme for our website. The theme is using a fixed width of 940px. For the header we are using a generic widget. The arrangement and header elements are all good except that we want it to be stretched out to the full width of the window...
  • How can I search partial words?

  • Generic Content pane html

  • Telligent Enterprise 2.0 SP1 - Version of Telligent Evolution Platform

    Hi, Can any one please let me know what version of Telligent Evolution Platform (5 or 5.5) is used by Telligent Enterprise 2.0 SP 1? Thanks.
  • Windows authentication cookie expiration

  • Traditional style navigation?

    Just started theme work in an Enterprise 2.5 installation, and I can't figure out how to bring up a traditional style navigation, similar to Community 5.5. Is there an option for this? Something that I'm missing or can be (relatively) easy to...