InformationWeek’s “The Brainyard”: Psion Goes Social To Promote Open Source Mobility

The Brainyard’s columnist, David Carr, spoke with Founder and CTO of Telligent, Rob Howard, and Global Digital and Social Business Director at Psion, Jonathan Brayshaw, about Psion’s online community that was created using Telligent Community. Psion’s online community is called Ingenuity Working, which was created to promote innovation around new hardware and software configurations. In addition to focusing on Ingenuity Working and Psion’s use of Telligent’s product, this article also focuses on the new release of Telligent Community 6.0, key features of Telligent Community 6.0 and what Psion is looking forward to with the new release. You can read more about Telligent Community 6.0 and Psion’s online community here.