Telligent Celebrates Community Managers on Jan. 24. Join the party!

All it takes is one person or one idea to start a movement.

Last year, Jeremiah Owyang, web strategist at Altimeter Group, decided it was time to shine a light on the role of the community manager. So, he initiated the first annual Community Manager Appreciation Day (#CMAD) - a celebration of our customer advocates and online brand representatives on the fourth Monday of every January.

He noted in his blog (#jowyang) that, "[the community manager] isn't just about a single role, but a bigger trend of making product and services more efficient, and thereby our world a little bit more efficient and sustainable."

I couldn't agree more. As the role of community manager continues to evolve and solidify in various organizations, one thing is clear - every community needs one. This is especially true for companies wanting to simultaneously protect their brand and their customers.

As the person playing the liaison between the brand and customer, the community manager role can be tough. They are the proactive social guardians of your brand and it's time to give them a big hand.

Help Telligent (#telligent) spread the word! Join us on Jan. 24, to celebrate Community Manager Appreciation Day! Let's show community managers everywhere what they mean to us in our online communities.

How? Throw a good old fashioned office party. Post a blog. Host a special CMAD forum. Or, better yet, give your community manager(s) new training on brand awareness and process tools to help them be more proactive.

Don't have a community manager? Now is the right time to add one to your team or identify the person who has quietly taken on the responsibilities on your team.

Whether you have a community manager on your team now or plan to have one join you soon, come back and celebrate with Telligent on Jan. 24. We'll have a slew of valuable information and ideas to help you boost the success of your community manager. It only takes one idea or one person to start something great in your community.