SharePoint 2010 plus Telligent Capabilities and Benefits

This week at the Microsoft SharePoint Conference (Twitter #SPC11) Microsoft is presenting a session (SPC206: Campaign and Experience Management) on extending SharePoint for best practices for building websites for campaign and experience management – or in short, how you can use Microsoft's platform to build Digital Marketing solutions.

In addition to talking through a joint Microsoft/Telligent customer case study, below is a slide that Microsoft and Telligent created together to help our joint customers understand the full value of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 plus the Telligent experience.

This graphic is a great tool that visually portrays the benefits of SharePoint plus Telligent. It does a good job demonstrating where Telligent enhances existing SharePoint functionality and where Telligent introduces new functionality that does not exist within SharePoint.

Additionally, Microsoft’s Geoffrey Edge – who does have an edge, by the way – does nice job outlining the Microsoft Digital Marketing Platform sessions. Eight of the sessions are being delivered by six team members, including two by Geoffrey himself. While you are at the conference, be sure to say hi to Telligent plus Geoffrey and his team.